Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feety Pajamas aren't just for the baby!

I have the coldest basement outside of Antartica! My husband, Derek, has his Nintendo Kingdom in our unfinished basement and during the winter if feels like an iceberg down there. After thinking for months about what to get him for Christmas that would be both awesome and practical (a must-do combo for me!) I was inspired by an episode of Family Guy. In the episode Peter ruins his good suit and Lois forces him to go to Goodwill and get another. He ends up getting red fleece feety pajamas instead. For weeks after that episode my husband walked around quoting Peter "You mean I can be pooping and be warm?!?" and cracking up. That sealed the deal for me, I got online right away and ordered him matching red fleece feety pajamas with butt-flap from Big Feet PJs. When he opened them at Christmas he went wild! He started cracking up and immediately put them on. It took me a week to get him out of them! He wore them at every opportunity and even took them back home with us to wear on Christmas morning. He said they were the best pajamas he'd ever had---they fit great, they were warm, and they were cool.

Fast forward a couple of years and we have Avin. Suddenly Avin and Derek are twins with their matching feety pajamas. Derek practically bursts with pride every time he gets to hang out with Avin in their matching pajamas. This was Avin's first Christmas and our first formal family picture. I debated for weeks about what we should all wear when suddenly I realized--- we all needed to be in feety pajamas! So back to my trusty laptop I went and began my search for great adult feety pajamas for me. Once again I was drawn to Big Feet PJs because they had the best price on the web and I knew their quality couldn't be beat. I ordered mine in forest green and scheduled our first family portrait. At Christmas I was the proud one, showing off our picture of all of us in our matching feety pajamas in front of the Christmas tree.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rockin Green for My Bean- Review & Giveaway!

My first step towards being more eco-friendly was to switch to cloth diapers and now I am a self confessed cloth diaper junkie! I love cloth diapering and honestly can't imagine using disposables anymore but when we first made the switch finding the right detergent was a nightmare! No one warned me before I switched that I couldn't just use any old detergent on my cloth diapers. Once we began diapering I quickly found that my detergent wasn't going to work and I had a case of the stinkies! After much frustration and searching it seemed like I just couldn't find a good cloth diapering detergent that worked with hard water---then a miracle happened--- I found Rockin Green Detergent! It is made to work in hard water and currently comes in two versions: Soft Rock & Classic Rock. It also comes in yummy scents (Lavender Vanilla is my fav!), is HE compatible, and is wallet friendly too! I never have to strip my diapers, my laundry room always smells yummy, and it works great in my hard water. Although Soft Rock is unscented for babies with sensitive skin, I use Classic Rock and Avin has never had any reaction to it. I use it on our diapers, our regular laundry, and I have even used it in my steam cleaner to clean my carpet after the cat confused carpet with cat litter!

I am so excited because Kim at Rockin Green is great and has agreed to giveaway a bag of Rockin Green deteregent to one very lucky winner! I can't wait to share the love with someone else! Each comment will enter you for a chance to win. The giveaway will end on February 5 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be chosen at random. Mandatory entry is to go to Rockin Green's Website and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which rockin' scent you'd like to try or if you are already Rockin Green tell me which scent is your favorite.

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