Friday, November 12, 2010 has lost my support!

Yestereday it came to my attention through a post on (the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper online) that is selling books supporting pedophilia.  They pulled "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure" from their Kindle listings after customers expressed outrage.  However, that still leaves at least one other book supporting pedophilia "Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers". 

This is disgusting!  To heck with the author's rights of free speech.  Every single pedophile out there is a danger to our children. They abuse children for their own sick twisted pleasure.  The rob children of their innocence and their childhood.  The do unspeakable damage to them emotionally and physically.  They don't deserve understanding or sympathy as far as I am concerned. 

Until pulls ALL books supporting pedophilia from their shelves I am boycotting them.  I will no longer buy or sell through  I am also in the process of dissolving my affiliate status for the blog as well.  I encourage all of you to show your disgust at their choice to support such sick individuals.  Our kids are much to precious to be supporting a company that is selling a manual of sorts to help sick twisted people steal their innocence!


Sakhi said...

I saw your blog by chance and will definitely support you. Infact i shall make a mail of an article that has come in an e news paper and fwd them. Amazon has to be boycotted.

How very disgusting!! Supporting an author who gives "better guidelines" for our precious children to be robbed of their innocence, in the name of freedom of speech is being a party to this monstrous crime themselves!! Who knows if they support it as well??

I feel nauseous and wish Amazons the worst in business hereafter.

And thank you for bringing this to light. A post of yours has made me aware and i am definitely going to spread word.

God bless you and your dear kids.

Vineetha, India.

Cupcake Cousin said...

This is disturbing, I agree 100%, well said!

sewa mobil said...

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Robes Ed hardy said...

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Melissa said...

I came across your blog by clicking on the "Next Blog" at the top of the page. Thanks for writing this. I am truly disgusted that they allow that book to be sold on their site. I'm boycotting them now as well.

Have a GREAT day,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Melissa above - I came across your blog by clicking "next blog" and saw this disturbing news about Amazon. So sad...

hapi said...

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Anonymous said...

who would ever publish such trash???

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STYLE said...

OMG i'm shocked!!! Thank you for letting us know!!! we Support you!!!

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