Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preschool Field Trips

I am getting so excited about our preschool field trips! I've been looking into places and events that are preschooler friendly and have been pleasantly surprised to find several things in our local area. I always hesitated to attend "events" by myself with my son because I was afraid he would act out, be loud, or otherwise "bother" other attendee's but planning to take a group has been quite liberating. Somehow I feel if there is a group of us with kids of similar ages that my kid might not stand out as much. On Monday we will be going to our local fire station to tour the station and see a firet ruck up close and personal. If you've never done a fire station tour with your kids I highly recommend it. The kids love meeting real firefighters and getting to climb in the firetrucks. In our area the tour is free and the firefighters are great with the kids. I think it is also good for them to view the fire fighters as their "friends" so that in the case of an emergency they aren't scared of them and try to hide.

Some other events that we will be participating in are "School House Rock- Live!" and the live production of "Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny". Both are being put on by local theatres. I would have never guessed they had such awesome things going on for the Pre-K crowd but a friend saw the listing and shared it with me. What are some awesome kid friendly field trip ideas that you have done with your kids?