Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cutey Baby Modern Cloth Diaper Review

I have already admitted that I am a cloth diaper addict but I am afraid I may have reached a whole new level. I have been working to become a diaper tester for several different companies so I can be the first to know when new styles of diapers hit the market. I started out as a product tester for Cutey Baby Modern Cloth Diapers but after I received one I had to send them a request to write a review. This is the neatest cloth diaper I have ever seen.
It is an one size, all in one diaper that works like an all in two! The diaper has a side snap that helps to size it up or down (versus the front snaps that other brands use) They also have removable Velcro laundry tabs. I'm still having mixed feelings about that part of the design. On one hand I love not having to worry about the Velcro catching on things in the washer, but on the other I've almost lost the tabs on several occasions when I removed them to wash.

The design of the diaper allows the insert to come out on its own during the wash. I LOVED not having to touch a urine soaked liner! The insert is attached so you don't have to hunt through the laundry to try to match it to the right cover. Unlike some other all-in-one diapers the Cutey Baby dries super quick, in the same amount of time as my BumGenius inserts. The legs have gathers (I think other websites refer to them as channels) that help catch any mess and keep it in the diaper. The material on the inside is all so soft and wicks moisture away from Avin's bottom so well! The design is very trim and when I first saw it I laughed out loud because I thought "That will never hold Avin's urine!" I ate those words because when I changed him the diaper was soaked but not a drop had leaked. My only complaint at all about the diaper is that it is almost too big for Avin. At 19 pounds and 27 inches tall we are on the middle snap of the BumGenius 3.0's but the Cutey Baby diaper just barely fits Avin. When he wears it I use the side snaps to make it smaller plus I fasten the Velcro so far that it touches in the middle. Even at that there is still some wiggle room around the top of the diaper. Even though the diaper doesn't fit snug on him we still haven't experienced any leaks! I wouldn't recommend this diaper for a newborn or a skinny baby but I think it would be perfect for chunky babies and older infants. We even love the cute prints. The one Avin is wearing above is called Green Tribal. It is my understanding that Cutey Baby is already in production to correct the size issues. Make sure you stay tuned to my blog for a follow up review on the second production diapers.

You can purchase these Cutey Baby diapers online at or Kelly's Closet


Ada V said...

Thanks so much for the review! We are working on the sizing and will keep everyone posted on that. I'm so glad you liked the CuteyBaby modern cloth diaper design. Avin looks adorable in Green Tribal. Super cute! Thanks again & happy diapering! -Ada

Anonymous said...

I really like the Classic Lined Shoe Buster baby/toddler shoe. I am a google friend.

T Perry said...

I've been trying out the Cutey diaper for the past week on my own and have nothing but good things to say about it so far! My son is 27 lbs and it is still a great fit on him with the snap closed, so I know he has lots of room to grow in it. Love the designs, the feel, the clean-up and the fact that it is GREEN!! Way to go on a great new product Cutey Baby!!

Mrs. Obie said...

I just ordered some of these on and I'm excited to try them out! Great review!

Jenn said...

Mrs Obie- dont get your hopes up. The velco leaves nasty marks on their tummy and Ive used four diapers so far and had four leaks... not worth it!!!!

Shaina said...

I received one of these as a freebie from Kelly's Closet. It's just been sitting in my "sell" pile because the design seemed very odd to me and the diaper is HUGE. I haven't washed it and tried using it yet because if I was going to sell it, I wanted it to be brand new.

But after reading your review, I may give it a shot!

The diaper I received is the tribal print as well...and is SO cute! :)

Thanks for your review!

aliah said...

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