Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sprout Baby Product Review & Coupon

I recently received Episencial Playful Foaming Wash and Episencial Nurturing Balm for review from Sprout Baby. As you know I'm a cloth diapering momma so I was unable to review the Nuturing Balm myself because it is a zinc based diaper rash cream. For those of you unfamiliar with cloth diapering zinc coats the cloth diaper the same way it coats the skin and it can reduce the absorbancy of the diaper, eventually leading to the diaper being ruined. (Check back later for a Cloth Diaper FAQ post featuring a Sprout Baby Discount Code!)

However- a friend of mine who uses disposable diapers happened to have a son just getting over Rotavirus. She volunteered to take the Episencial Nuturing Balm and review it for me. She reported that her son had a horrible rash after suffering from the Rotavirus. In the week after his illness she used the Episencial Nurturing Balm on his rash and it cleared right up. Since then she said that her baby has had no rash. She reported that the balm didn't have any fragrance to it. She had nothing but positive things to say about the balm. It is an organic diaper rash cream so if you are a disposable diapering momma I think this would be a great product for your baby.

I happily reviewed the Episencial Playful Foaming Wash myself before using it on my son. Although the Sprout Baby website reports that the the foaming wash is fragrance free I found that it has a yummy scent. The "fragrance free" label comes from the fact that no fake scents are added. The yummy, slightly-spicy, citrus scent comes from organic orange extract. I have sensitive skin and I did not experience any type of irritation while using the foaming wash. I did feel like I had to use a lot of wash during my showers but part of that was because I felt like if I didn't see bubbles it wasn't working. Since the cleaner foams you don't see bubbles, so once I got past that mental block I used much less. I have super hard water and I found the wash to rinse away very easily. My skin felt soft and smooth after using it. I loved this wash! My husband even commented on how good I smell after using it.

Sprout Baby carries a wide variety of organic baby products ranging from food to diapering to skin care and much much more. Make sure you stop by the Sprout Baby Website and browse their great selection. Use the coupon code SBBL154 for 15% off your first order now through March 31, 2010.

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