Sunday, February 7, 2010

Avin's Top 10 List -Revised

After posting our original top list I realized that we left off some very important things!!! Isn't it funny how vital an object can be in your life but how quickly you forget about it once you've moved on? Or how it is so vital to your life that you don't even think about it, it's just ALWAYS there? That being said here are 4 more things that we couldn't have lived without.

11) Our bedtime CD's! We have a few that we rotate through but they play all night long and at nap time. These are so much a part of our life that I take them for granted--until the power is out or we go somewhere and I *GASP* forget the CD player!!!

12) Our Exersaucer! We got it second hand and it was missing a toy but Avin loved it! It kept him entertained for long periods of time and gave him the ability to stand up and move on his own long before we was strong enough to do so independently. Sadly he has outgrown it now and I have no safe entertainment haven!

13) Bumbo Seat- Our Bumbo seat was such a great gift! Avin loved it because even from just a couple of months old he could safely sit up in it and look around. We used it for awhile as a high chair by sitting it on our kitchen table during meal time (ours and his!). I also used it as a travel high chair because of its small size. Once he got taller it allowed him to sit up on the floor and play with some taller toys and open his Christmas presents.

14) Video Baby Monitor- After I posted Avin's Top 10 List my husband was shocked that I had left this off. Once he pointed it out I was shocked too! I literally couldn't have lived without this for Avin's first few months. I slept with the sound and video on because I would wake up every few minutes to check on Avin at night because I was terrified he was going to die of SIDs. I also used it anytime I left him in another room, even for a minute. Since I've transitioned to co-sleeping I never use the monitor. I sleep so much better at night because I know Avin is safe beside me. As for leaving him in another room---those moments are few and far between because since he can crawl he just follows me!


Ashley Black said...

So cool that you added two of my favorite things too! :-).

Msphd said...

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Margie said...

What video monitor did you use?? We did not have one for Daisy, but are seriously considering one for baby-on-the-way! I have priced them at babies-r-us, but that has been the extent of my looking at this point.

Avin's Momma said...

Margie- If you click the orange words "video monitor" it will take you to the webpage for the exact one we have. The one downside of the set we have is that the monitor has to be plugged in to a outlet to work. I highly recommend one, it eased my mind in so many situations!