Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moby Wrap Babywearing Review

The condensed version of my review of the Moby Wrap is: I love my Moby Wrap!!!
The Pros:
Comfortable for a large chested plus size Momma
Versatile fit for both my husband and myself
Multiple ways to wear your baby
Avin always falls asleep in it!
Provides head support for sleeping babies
Keeps wind off of babies face and ears
Allows me to lean and bend without endangering Avin
Reasonable Cost
Allows you wear your baby completely hands free

The Cons:
Can be hard to put
Usually requires adjustment if you take the baby out and replace him
Can get super hot during winter
Long, sometimes drags the ground when putting on
Loses support as babies weight increases

Read on for more details about how my Moby Wrap helped make me a babywearing momma:

None of the slings I've ever tried were comfortable because when coupled with my large chest they all made me feel awkward and pregnant all over again. When I tried the Moby on in the store I was amazed at how comfortable it was to wear. I walked around the store with Avin in it while clerk talked to me about carrier styles and types. Avin settled right in to the Moby Wrap in the store and was about to fall asleep. I was sold! I shelled out the $40 to buy a standard black Moby Wrap. When put on properly it is very snug and creates a comfortable, supportive area for your baby that can be adjusted to several different holds and even hands free breastfeeding! Your baby can be worn upright, cross ways, facing out, or facing in. I really like that if your baby falls asleep while facing in you can adjust the back panel to cover the back of their head and provide support. It is also great for cold or windy climates because you can adjust it to cover your babies ears and head while still allowing them to breath. Avin almost always falls asleep in the Moby. I wear it out shopping or when we are going to be walking outside. The design of the Moby helps to distribute your babies weight across your entire back so it is very comfortable, even for extended wear.

I can't imagine ever using another carrier for Avin's but I know soon he will outgrow the Moby. Because the Moby is just one big piece of fabric, as a baby gains weight the fabric can begin to sag and lose some support. Also, because of the stretchy nature of the material if you have to take your baby out and put him back in while wearing it a lot of times you have to completely take the Moby off and put it back on because it gets stretched out. The biggest downside to the Moby is that it can be somewhat difficult and confusing to put on. I had to go back to the store for help the first time I attempted to put the Moby on alone. Now, I usually put mine on at home before heading out to avoid dragging the long ends across dirty floors or parking lots. The stretchy cotton material is not heavy but on very hot or humid days it can cause you to heat up quickly due to your baby being pressed against you and you being wrapped in so much fabric. The upside to that is that it allows you to take advantage of your body's natural heat to keep your baby warm during cool months.

What type of baby carrier made you a babywearing momma?


Heidi Maxwell said...

I also love love love my Moby! We have a tan one that has a UV protectant. I use it almost every day - and every time we leave the house. With an infant AND a toddler, I couldn't go anywhere without a carrier, and the Moby is my go-to carrier right now. I found that if I put the back panel on the inside and the criss-cross on the outside, I can retie the wrap easily without having to take the whole thing off. When my first baby got too heavy for the Moby we started using an Ergo. This time I have my Ergo and also a Mei Tai that i am making.

Mary Beth said...

Love the moby style wrap for baby! I bought some moby like wraps on Etsy for my babies! The length and ground dragging can be an issue, why I bought black :) I also loved the Ergo when they were too big for Moby, this time around were using the Boba, very similar to the Ergo, both well worth the $!

Avin's Momma said...

Mary Beth- I just saw an advertisement for a Boba for the first time last week. I love the idea of the stirrups for baby!