Thursday, February 11, 2010

I LOVE gLovies!!! gLovies Product Review

What are gLovies you ask?

gLovies are disposable sanitary mittens meant for kids (although mom's can use them too!). Founder Josephine Geraci created them to help keep kids germ free when using public restrooms. When your child is small enough to need to hang on to the toilet to balance don't you dread using public restrooms because of all the germs? Avin is still in diapers and just the thought of that makes my skin crawl, YUCK! With gLovies you just slip the disposable mittens on your child before using the restroom and when you are done slip them back off and throw them away. NO GERMS!!! gLovies work great for any situation where your child has to touch something germy (like a handrail or subway) but where you may not be able to readily access a handwashing sink. I know some of you are thinking, yeah Amanda- that's what hand sanitizer is for! But, remember the alcohol in hand sanitizer can be potentially fatal to small children!

gLovies have a very thin layer of plastic on the inside (similar in thickness to saran wrap) and the outside is similar in texture to a paper hospital gown. They have elastic in the wrists to held hold them on little hands. gLovies are super cute because they are decorated with penguins! The size of the actual mitten fits my hand, although when I pulled them on I did break the elastic and split the top part of the seam, but they still stayed on quite well. My only complaint was that the minute I put my hands in them my hands started to sweat. I can deal with a little bit of sweaty hand way better than I can catching some cooties from a public place! I'm telling you gLovies are every germ-a-phobe mommy's dream come true!

Avin isn't going to be using the potty in a public restroom for another couple of years but I can tell you I will be and I've already put some gLovies in my purse! There is nothing I hate worse than having to use a dirty public restroom. I ALWAYS seem to get the urge to go at the worst places. You know the ones- cramped dirty stall, no soap, no papertowels, turn knob door. I always wash my hands after using the restroom and then if I can't bump the door with my hip I use a paper towel to open it. I'm keeping gLovies with me for the times that I've gotta go but the restroom is just YUCK!

Of course, you know me, a product has to meet my three criteria (1) Family Friendly (2) Eco-Friendly (3) Wallet Friendly. Obviously the whole point of the product is family friendly so we are good there. Because of the plastic gLovies are not 100% eco-friendly but they are close. The plastic is small and thin and there is no way to avoid plastic and still get the waterproof protection that you need. gLovies are wallet friendly at only $4.99 for a dozen mittens. I am very excited about these and will be ordering more when Avin gets a little bigger.

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Heidi Maxwell said...

Nice review, but I personally can't get behind another disposable product like this. There are several brands of kid friendly, alcohol free hand sanitizer out there like Burt's Bees, Susan Browns, and Soapopular. Besides, if you think about it, there are germs EVERYWHERE - not just icky public restrooms (search for 'things dirtier than toilet seat' and you may be surprised). Your keyboard, desk, phone, and purse are likely just as germy as a toilet seat - or maybe even worse. So clean what you can, and wash/sanitize frequently to keep hands clean all day.

Anonymous said...

I just hate that they couldn't have made the product bio-degradable. I just tell Chloe not to touch anything and she uses my legs in front of her to balance.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is such thing as over protection. My neice and nephew have been over protected and they're paying for it now with illnesses every time we turn around. Germs are good to build up our immunities. I know there are tons of 'icky' germs but as long as we're exposed to some our systems will be able to fight things off more quickly. I know that quite a few people are going to disagree with me, but that's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

To prepare my daughter for public restrooms, I purchased a portable, fold-up potty training seat. We have taken this with us everywhere and she has gotten so used to it that she is upset when we do not have it. I sanitize it with CleanWell and wash it every couple of weeks. Nothing to dispose of and her cute butt does not touch the seat.

Josephine Geraci said...

Well hello ladies, I'm Josephine and I'm actually the inventor of gLovies and it is always great to get feedback. I would first like to start by saying I too am in favor of the fold-up potty training seat. gLovies are really for those times when you're driving in the car and your three year old says, "I need to go potty--and you don't have your seat with you! It really just happened to me while driving on the LIE about one month ago. My husband was frantically searching for a restroom since our reliable fold-up potty seat was in our other car. My husband quickly pulled into a gas station because we had no other choice. TRUST me, I was thrilled to have my gLovies. Maybe it's more peace of mind for me knowing that my daughter is not touching someone else's fecal matter that is stuck on the bottom of a toilet seat.

So here's how I use gLovies. I put them on my daughter BEFORE we even enter the restroom. She can touch that dirty door, stall handle etc...she's protected, I'm relaxed. I of course line the seat with paper. I wash my hands, open the door to the bathroom, take my daughters gLovies off, toss them in the garbage and dab a little hand sanitizer on my daughter.

It bothers me too that gLovies are not biodegradable, however, when I did my market research, all the moms told me they would rather know that the product is waterproof. I used the least amount of a tiny thin film of plastic to line the mitts. The outer layer of gLovies is actually tissue paper. The bag is a reusable bag, perfect for diaper bags.

gLovies really, really work. I am happy to send anyone a free sample, just e-mail me at

A special thanks to Avins Mom for believing in gLovies and writing such a great review.

Warm regards,