Friday, February 5, 2010

Avin's Top Ten List

I decided today that I wanted to make a top ten list of items I couldn't live without for Avin's first 6 months. My list is about what worked for us but keep in mind I am a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, organic loving momma! I had a lot of friends who had children before me and were full of advice about what items to purchase when I found out I was pregnant with Avin, however, none of my friends shared my same outlook on parenting. After purchasing tons of items I regretted I came to realize that someone should have warned me that some items just don't fit with certain lifestyles!

1 Cloth Diapers- Specifically BumGenius Cloth Diapers They are a one-size pocket diaper that have fit Avin great, don't leak, look cute, and have saved us tons of money not to mention saved our environment!

2 Diaper Rash Ointment- Specifically Sweet Cheeks It is all natural and cloth diaper safe. It is super moisturizing so I use it all over Avin and even on my hands! No icky, sticky film on things.

3 Blanket- Moby Wrap Blanket I couldn't have lived without swaddling Avin at sleeping time. He is a long baby and he outgrew other swaddlers very quickly. The Moby Blanket is big and stretchy and I can still swaddle him in it at 7 months!

4 Wrap-Moby Wrap I knew from the moment I got pregnant that I wanted to be a baby-wearing momma but I wasted lots of money buying different types of carriers and slings. I'm a plus size momma with a large chest and those style carriers just didn't work for me. The Moby on the other hand was a miracle find! Worth every penney, Avin falls asleep in it almost every time I put it on and I can actually get a few things done--like grocery shopping!

5 Dr. Brown's Bottles were a lifesaver as well because I had an oversupply of milk with an overactive letdown and when Avin tried to eat I was literally drowning him! I had to pump and feed him from a bottle for several weeks while we got things lined out. We had tried other drop-in style bottles but our lactation consultant recommended Dr. Brown's because the nipple shape is actally similar to the breast and it reduces air consumption that causes gas!

6 Medela Pump In Style Advance Breast Pump I had to breastfeed by exclusively pumping for weeks and now I use it to pump milk for nights I have class. It is a double pump so within 7 minutes I have pumped several ounces and I am ready to go!

7 Boppy Pillow Once again I am a plus size Momma and other brands just didn't fit me well. I use my boppy daily for feeding Avin. I've also used it to help prop him when he was learning to sit up.

8 Elastic Bottom Night Gowns I didn't have any particular brand I fell in love with but that is what Avin lived in his first couple of months! They were comfortable for him and made the million diaper a day changes quick and easy.

9 Aveeno Baby Lotion Avin suffered from horrible Exzema and his poor little face stayed cherry red and broke out like a teenager on prom night. I tried all types of lotions and potions but nothing worked until Aveeno. Literally within hours of putting it on the redness disappears and his face is beautful again.

10 Fisher Price Aquarium Swing Avin hated to be set down and fought going to sleep like crazy but the first time we layed him in this swing he settled down and napped for an hour! I loved that it had music and soothing ocean sounds along with a mobile and soft changing lights!


Ashley Black said...

I totally relate with numbers 6, 7, and 8. I would add the little tea time exersaucer that made Kortney's legs super strong and kept her busy so that I could get things done around the house. She actually pulled up to it for the first time; and after that, it had served it's last purpose. She never liked being trapped in that again, because she knew she could get to the toys from OUTside the trap. :-). I also loved the bumbo because it helped her learn to sit on her own.

Fun list; it's making me think of doing a top ten of my favorite products used in Kortney's first year! :-)

Heidi Maxwell said...

My list is very similar - just different brands for most things. We love our Fuzzi Bunz and goodmama ones, Punkin Booty Bits Better Balm, and Burt's Bees lotions and potions.

Moby, Medela, and nightgowns are also faves around here.

Babylegs, CD burp cloths, Amber Teething Necklace, and a Hanging Bouncy Swing would round out my list.