Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

The following is a guest post from the author of the blog An Artist, An Architect, & A Toddler. She lives "Bible Green" and I just found that to be so inspiring. She was gracious enough to share some thoughts on Easter for my readers. I wish everyone a very Happy Easter. I pray that each of you finds spring in your heart and that love, peace, and joy bloom within you.

He is risen.

As a born again Christian, Easter is the most somber, yet joyous of holidays. It is the reason I can have faith and am given salvation. I serve a risen King. He came as a baby. He died for my sins. He conquered the grave. Truly, Easter is the complete package of the meaning of life.

A holiday that recognizes defeating death- the one thing as humans we are guaranteed, by new life around us. Early spring blooms creeping out from their winter slumber. Warm air breaking through the harsh cold. Life.

I believe God has called Christians to awake others that are still slumbering. We can show them the warmth that comes from the true light, Christ Jesus. What a great opportunity we have this Easter to do exactly that. On a holiday that drives the unchurched into His house, we can show them how He has called us to live.

How do I believe He has called me to live? With love. I should model myself after Christ. Because of His love, I no longer face eternal separation from Him. His example to me is nothing short of perfection.

My husband and I also feel personally convicted to live as good stewards of His creation. God created the earth and its beauty to bring glory to Him. He also created me in His image. He charged me with caring for His creation (Genesis 2:15)

We don't celebrate "mother earth" (Exodus 34:14). We don't "reduce, reuse, recycle" because we think by doing our part, the earth will last forever (Revelation 21:1). We do it because we are called to.

How has God called you? May this Easter season you answer his special, unique calling for your life with bold enthusiasm.

He is risen indeed.

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Andrea said...

Christ is risen! Happy Easter and God bless!