Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Karma Naturals Natural & Organic Products Review

Don't you love it when you stumble across a new store and it is filled with tons of fabulous treasures that you always needed but never knew about? That happened to me a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon The Morning Sun Gallery in St. James, Missouri. I opened the door expecting a local art gallery and found this delightful, eclectic shop filled with furniture, home decor items, and Karma Naturals Natural & Organic Products. I was so surprised to find a wide select of natural and organic products that ranged from lip balm to makeup to bath salts to lotion and more. I immediately wrote down the contact information from their packaging because I knew I HAD to do a review of these products. I got in touch with Kris, the woman behind Karma Naturals, and she agreed to let me host a review of her products.

I received a variety of lotions, bath salts, baby soap, and lip balm. Most of her products are all organic but some are just made with natural ingredients. The packaging lists every ingredient and it is clearly labeled if it is not 100% organic. The first thing I opened was her unscented lip balm. I applied it to my lips and it felt like silk! It didn't feel waxy or cakey when I put it on. For hours I went around rubbing my lips together because I just loved how soft it made them feel. It was long lasting moisture and it completely healed my winter-dried, chapped lips. She also sent me a lip balm in Toasted Marshmallow and it was so yummy. The lip balms come in over 50 flavors and are all PARABEN, PHTHALATE and PETROLEUM product free! How awesome is that?

I suffer from dry cracked elbows and feet during the winter and I've been trying every lotion known to man to help my ugly elbows get spring ready. I was surprised when I picked up what I thought was a lip balm and saw that it was a lotion bar. It came in a oval shaped container that looked like lip balm and when I opened the lid the product looked like lip balm. I immediately started drooling over the scent of it because Kris had sent me Sugar Cookie scented. I applied it to my elbows and I loved how it was a light layer of moisture that I could apply directly to my elbow area. It moisturized for hours and hours. After a few days my elbows weren't cracking open anymore and the skin was smoothing down so they didn't feel like sandpaper either!

I won't go into details about all the other products she sent me but I will say that so far I've loved them all! I recommend them to everyone (just ask the girl who sits next to me in college!). I even gave the anti-aging formula face cream to my mom! Karma Naturals are just great products. I love that they are natural and organic. The creams are rich, thick creams that really moisturize. The scents are so yummy smelling and are as good or better than what you would find in Bath & Body Works products. Your skin absorbs everything it touches, so when you use products filled with chemicals you might as well be drinking those chemicals in. With Karma Naturals you can rest easy knowing you are only using natural and organic products.

The customer service at Karma Naturals is fabulous. Kris is the woman behind the scenes. Her and her husband created Karma Naturals and it is still a family run business. Despite being a full time teacher and running Karma Naturals, Kris still finds time to provide exceptional customer service. When I contacted Kris initially about the review she had just experienced a death in her family yet she still took the time to get back with me about the review. That is going above and beyond for customer service! I suggest that you give Karma Naturals a try, I promise you are going to love it!!!


Heidi Maxwell said...

Did you get any mineral makeup? It's one thing I've been wanting to get for myself but have been hesitant to invest in, seeing as I wear makeup so rarely.

I also have issues with very dry skin on my hands and feet. Nothing seems to help with any consistency.

Avin's Momma said...

I didn't get any mineral makeup but I am hoping that Kris at Karma Naturals will join the mommy makeover event and provide some for me!