Saturday, April 24, 2010

Join the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

This morning I responded to the call to join the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.  I went and signed the petition to help change school lunches.  I knew it was something I couldn't ignore when my husband (who thinks my green/health changes are crazy) couldn't believe I hadn't signed up because even he believes in it.  Avin is only 10 months old so school lunch isn't exactly on our menu yet but change happens one step at a time.  I have realized that I need to start being active now if I want things to be better once he gets to be scool age.  I want Avin to grow up healthier than I did and that means not drinking a soda and eating a candy bar or bag of chips for lunch.  I encourage you click the link on the right and join Jamie and I (plus thousands of others) in the food revolution! Let's teach our kids to enjoy food in a healthy way!


Erin said...

Great idea to start early! I know what you mean - Jamie Oliver is doing a great thing and I really hope it catches on!

Nancy said...

School lunches have a lot of room for improvement. I hope the movement catches on!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com