Thursday, May 20, 2010

I {HEART} My Baby Pumpkin, LLC!

I got started blogging because I read other people's blogs and saw the awesome things they had to review.  That led me to expand my twitter network and then my facebook network and now I am overlapping people in more places than I can keep up with.  The other day on facebook I had a message asking if I knew that I had won a $10 gift certificate to My Baby Pumpkin, LLC.  I immediately started racking my brain trying to remember who's blog I had entered to win it from.  Turns out I had just became a fan of their facebook page and been selected as a random winner!  I love it when I win free stuff but it is especially awesome when you don't expect it at all!  I hopped online and checked out their store.  They had tons of cool stuff related to baby wearing, cloth diapering, and just babies in general.  I ended up using my $10 to buy a pair of Army Friends Leg Huggers for Avin.  (In honor of his Uncle Monroe- a US Army Medic in Afghanistan!)  Shipping was free and I received it in just about 2 days!  I highly recommend you check out this great store.  Follow My Baby Pumpkin, LLC on facebook for lots of great sales and info!

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