Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I just want to take a minute to say thank you not only to the soldiers who fight for our country but for the families who love and support them.  I do not support the war in and of itself but I am so thankful for our military men and women who fight in it because I know they are literally giving their lives to make my life safer and better.  I pray for the families who have lost time with their loved ones in military service whether it was permanently due to death or temporary due to deployment.  I know that either way you've given up your time with them for our countries greater good and I appreciate it so much! Both of my grandfather's fought in wars and now my Uncle (who is more like a brother) is now in Afghanistan fighting for us.  I encourage you to hug a solider today and say thank you.  If you can't hug a soldier then please send an encouraging note to one and always keep all of our military men and women in your prayers.

I am flying the flag on my page today to honor our soldiers but fallen and current.  Please note that on Memorial Day, according to the US Flag Code, your actual flag should fly half staffed from sunrise until noon only, then it should be raised to full staff.



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