Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Back and the Blog is Going to be Better Than Ever!

I've missed you all!  These last few weeks have been crazy for me.  I finished yet another semester of college and managed to pull out all A's for the third semester in a row!  They say that one year I'll graduate with a Bachelor's degree but I don't believe it- I've been in for 9 years and haven't seen one yet.  (Ok, so maybe I quit a few times along the way...but I'm back full force!)  Avin managed to get sick the last two weeks of school so I had a sick baby at finals time.  I also had not one but two unplanned, last minute visits from family during that time.  I've thought about the blog and all the things I wanted to post but the time just wasn't there for me to get any work done!  I'll be posting a ton of new reviews and giveaways in the next month or so!  Among the big ones is an Ergo baby carrier!!! Of course the Mommy Makeover event is coming up quickly and I am so excited! Make sure you visit all of my great sponsors and tell them Avin's Momma sent you!  I'm off to get some reviews banged out and some giveaways posted!


Heidi Maxwell said...

Welcome back!

Momioso said...

Welcome back!! Look forward to your posts. And maybe winning an Ergo. I've got one but I am sure I could find a needy mom who would enjoy it.