Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tushie Huggers by Agoo Review

I had the opportunity to review a very brilliant but unusual product recently.  I received a Tushie Hugger (for Avin) from Agoo Apparrel.  Agoo is one of my favorite companies that produces baby leg warmers (see my previous review).  Tushie Huggers is sort of a leg warmer/short set combo.  When you see the outfit you would assume that the shorts and leg huggers are two separate pieces but they aren't.  Tushie Huggers also come in girl designs with a skirt attached to the leg huggers.  They even have matching tops to make super cute little outfits!  When I first opened the package I wasn't sure how I felt about the Tushie Hugger.  It was just so different from any kids clothing I had seen before.  The shorts are a thicker weight of material but the legging portion is a very thin, breathable layer.  I quickly saw how brilliant this product was when we hit spring in Missouri.  Our mornings were starting out cold and windy and our afternoons ended warm and breezy.  The Tushie Hugger was a perfect combination for us.  It kept Avin warm by protecting his legs from the wind but allowed him to be cool with the breathable fabric.  Avin is a super active kid and one great thing about the Tushie Hugger its unique design means that no matter how hard he plays and crawls his leg warmers aren't going to roll down.  His little knees stay protected but he stays cool. 

The cost for the Tushie Hugger is reasonable and they are made from cotton yarn so washing is super easy.  The downside of the cotton yarn is that by the end of the day the waist can get a little saggy from stretching.  Tushie Huggers come in sizes 0 to 36 months.  I think this would be super cute on a little tiny baby!!!

You can find these great products at the Tushie Huggers Website or on facebook

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