Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The "Before" Shot

With all good makeovers you must have good "before" and "after" shots.  My makeover sadly only has one before shot.  One of the things that shocked me into putting together the "Mommy Makeover Event" was when I looked back through the pictures taken since Avin was born I could only find a few that included me and in most of those I am in pajamas!  I avoided being in pictures because I was embarrassed about how horrible I looked.  So below is my "before" shot.  This is me in full mommy mode! Note the not so freshly washed hair scraped back into the "I had 5 seconds between screams" ponytail.  Note the not so flattering shirt that shows off the baby fat around the belly. 

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Laura W. said...

You know, I have the exact same ponytail and very similar outfits. I only just recently relinquished my yoga pants for jeans. Before having my eight month old, I had no idea how hard it would be to find time to actually do something other than a fast ponytail or grab whatever was (mostly) clean to wear.