Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to the Mommy Makeover Event

Welcome to the "Mommy Makeover Event"!  For the next two weeks I will be posting reviews and giveaways related to products designed to help a mom look and feel beautiful.  As a new mom I can tell you that you need all the help you can get to look and feel beautiful.  With a new baby sleep is always in short supply and it doesn't take long to slip into mommy mode and forget you are also a woman.  When you are focused on your helpless new baby and sleep deprived you just don't always have the time or energy to devote to doing your hair and makeup.  Sometimes wearing clothing that isn't from the new designer "Baby Spit" is a major accomplishment.  As for feeling beautiful...after gaining weight during pregnancy, adding a roadmap of veins and stretch marks to your body, and feeling like a 24 hour diner...beautiful is a completely foreign word.  I hope that the next two weeks inspire each of you to reclaim some mommy time for yourself.  As mom's we must remember that we deserve to take care of ourselves and that when we do things that help us look and feel good we are happier and more productive.  Don't feel guilty about doing a little something for yourself now and then! You deserve it because you a wonderful mom! You know if your baby got paid for being cute she'd buy those new shoes for you! I hope you enjoy the ride as I attempt to go from frazzled to fabulous!

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