Thursday, June 10, 2010

MadreGear Nursing Top Review

I have no idea how I made it without owning a nursing top! When you have "girls" the size of mine nursing discreetly is incredibly hard in a conventional top.  I am a clearance rack shopper so for me the biggest deterrent in purchasing "nursing" tops was that you seldom find them in plus size on clearance.  I struggled for months with what to wear when I knew I would have to nurse in public.  In the winter I could wear a tank top under my regular shirt and still stay pretty well covered but that solution was too hot for Spring and Summer.  I was so lucky to receive this Annee Matthew Shirred Tunic for review. 

This top is made of a very breathable material that keeps me cool even though the front has two layers.  The "nursing" top feature works by just lifting up to reveal to openings for your breasts.  The under layer covers your belly and sides while the top layer provides top of breast coverage during nursing.  I especially like that the top layer floats loosely over your belly- very forgiving for a still flabby post-baby belly.  No one realizes that I am wearing a nursing top until I get ready to feed Avin (and then many people don't even realize that is what I am doing!). 

MadreGear carries a variety of nursing and maternity tops, bras, dresses, and nightgowns.  They have some very sophisticated styles that are a far cry from the shapeless blobs you can get at Wal-Mart!  MadreGear also carries a variety of necessities for trendy mom's and babies!

The customer service I received from MadreGear was amazing! Laurie was super friendly and provided me with tons of great options for a plus size mom.  I found her store to be a fresh, classy, trendy switch from classic maternity and nursing stores.  Stop by MadreGear and look around, I'm sure you'll fall in love too!