Monday, June 7, 2010

Second Base Demi Cami Review and Giveaway

When I was pregnant my already voluptious breasts began growing to what felt like watermelon size.  Most of my maternity tops had buttons at least halfway down to allow for expanding breast and belly.  On one hand that was great because I definately needed the room for expansion but on the other it meant that I had mega-cleavage in every shirt I owned, even my conservative polo shirts.  During the winter months I just wore a thin tank top under my shirt and that allowed me to keep the cleavage to a minimum.  When Spring hit so did the overwhelming hot flashes and my intolerance for being even a little bit too warm.  I was at a loss of what to do because I couldn't bear the heat of wearing two shirts but I couldn't be showing the girls off either.  I finally settled on wearing a sports bra over my regular bra to provide a bit of coverage.  I REALLY wish I would have known then about the Second Base Demi Cami

The Second Base Demi Cami looks similar to a sports bra but comes in a variety of colors and strap styles.  It also comes in a variety of fabrics so you can match it to the type of clothing you are wearing.  The concept is a very modern spin on what my Grandma would have called a dickey.  It gives the coverage of a tank top without all the extra fabric.  It is great for obtaining a layered look, covering bra straps, and reducing cleavage.  I received the Second Base Meredith Demi Cami and I LOVED it.  I wear it under shirts with narrow straps or low-cut necklines.  It is thin and breathable but still provides excellent coverage.  Since it fits basically the same shape as my bra I don't have extra fabric wadding up around my middle. 

You can enter to win your own Demi Cami from Second Base.  To enter you MUST first go to the Second Base website and tell me which cami you like best and in what color!

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Must be 18 to enter, open to US Residents only.  Please include your email in your comments so I can contact you if you win.  One comment = one entry. Contest ends Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 11:00 PM CST.


Terry said...

I am following your blog.

I am also having an APRON GIVEAWAY!! Please come over and check it out. Thanks!

Karen said...

LOVE Second Base demi camis. I would love a Meredith in white size small. Might sound boring, but yesterday I really needed a white one and I don't even have a white shelf bra cami.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

I have two of these cami's in black and white and I love them. I'm friends with them on facebook. I would love the sage Sarah in large to add some color to my dresses.

Julia said...

I have three of these and three are not enough! I wear them basically every day. They will be even more necessary in the summer.

I would love to own a black brittany cami in size small!

My favorite use for second base camis is to wear them with shirts that are tucked into skirts. For the longest time I always had excessive bunching showing through my skirts from my regular (long) camis that were tucked in. It was always the dilemma of "do I show a lot of cleavage at work today, or do I have this weird bunching thing going on?" Who wants a lumpy butt? I tried these weird solutions like wearing a simple cotton bra over a regular bra, but that was as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Now I don't have that problem! Thanks second base :)

Rebecca Kenwick said...

I like the marlo in black

Rebecca Kenwick said...

I follow you

Rebecca Kenwick said...

I subscribe